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We are Arris, a consultancy offering a dynamic, cutting edge,
dependable service to construction industry clients in the Nordics.

With roots based in Quantity Surveying and Project Controls, Arris utilises tried and tested internationally recognised systems and ways of working to provide our clients with improved control and tools. This enables Proactive Decision Making whilst ensuring ‘Maximum Value’ and ‘Minimised Risk’ is achieved on construction projects.

Our core team of RICS qualified staff have a wealth of experience in both the Nordic and International markets. This includes delivering our services on projects with varying degrees of size, location and complexity within the private and public sector which range in value from less than 5 million SEK to over 5 billion SEK.

Intro About Arris

Empowering clients to proactively make decisions that
MAXIMISE VALUE and MINIMISE RISK on construction projects.

We offer a proactive, dynamic and process driven service that enables clients to make informed decisions at the right time thus maximising value and significantly improving the efficiency of the design. We deliver processes that ensure that costs and risks are controlled throughout the lifecycle of construction projects.

There is a common theme in many construction projects across the Nordic markets. Clients fall in love with ideas only to find out later that these ideas are unaffordable resulting in designers regularly having to undertake significant redesign in order to meet budget constraints.

This is expensive, time consuming, frustrating for all parties and unnecessary.

Value is created in the early stages of construction projects and employing our integrated, systematic and collaborative approach will ensure that that this value is maximised. This improved value is then maintained or increased by the implementation of robust project specific control procedures to manage budget and risk throughout the design, procurement and construction phases.

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Our staff are our key asset and they are motivated and driven to provide client satisfaction. We have considerable experience both internationally and across the Nordics that provides us with the platform to deliver a professional first class level of service with focus on delivery tailored to our clients needs.

Adrian Knapp, CEO

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Kris Adam, Partner

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Gustav Sjöö, Cost Manager

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Ryan Marsh, Director

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Martin Wärefors, Cost Manager

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Mikael Pedersen, Cost Manager

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Annette Airio, Office Manager

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Jafar Al-Djaber, Cost Manager

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